Wednesday, 6 May 2020

List of labels for the posts

Dear friends

    We are moving ahead and here is our first draft planning.  Currently the following members are the authors for our posts.
  • All be faculty members
  • Student convener
  • Class conveners
  • Ex officio members (Selected by the math forum coordinator)

        Anybody can comment  the posts using there google account.  If they need to make a new post, either do it through conveners or use the comment box under the related posts.  Each and every post should be labelled properly for the house keeping.

    Here is a suggestion list for the labels.  It is not a final list.  There is a small descriptions about the labels, but need to elaborate after our discussion.
  1. Math book (already aired)
  2. Math creation (new creations/observations in mathematics)
  3. Math in life (applications of math, interdisciplinary nature of mathematics)
  4. Math history (at present we will use the past to create a our future...)
  5. Math at school (after all every thing started from there and what we contribute to that beginning really matters)
  6. Math research (generating new ideas, new knowledge, projects...)
  7. Math question (mostly related to doubts)
  8. Math events (to announce events happening across the world)
  9. Math philosophy (I am thinking on it...)
  10. Math annotations (currently any thing related to math that you want to annotate, if not included in other labels)
  11. Math articles (Like math book, here we may have chance to discuss on interesting notes and articles)
  12. Math awards (about the honouring related mathematical works)
  13. Math scholarships (information on possible supports)
  14. Math exam (competitive exams, entrance exam, or even post related university exams)
  15. Math challenge (Yes, you may challenge others using a math question, but be prepare to reward for the righteous answers)
  16. Math applauds (to applaud the achievements)
  17. Math magicians (about math makers and their contributions)
  18. Math movies (entertainment...)
  19. Math videos (video lectures, online courses etc)
That's it for now.  Start your comments for additions and subtractions.


  1. How about posting something like mathematicians and their contributions in different field...

    I am suggesting this because most of the mathematics students(not all) are unaware about many mathematicians... If they are asked about mathematicians they would either telling Ramanujan, Ferma or someone famous like this... So including something about mathematicaians will make students aware about their contributions.

    1. You are right. We may add one more label math magicians

  2. I have added some new labels.