Tuesday, 18 August 2020

Our coordinators and list of labels for the posts

 Dear friends

     In our last meeting we have selected new coordinators for our math-forum.  For details click here.

I invite all the authors of this blog to post their views related to the following labels. Note that any body can comment on the posts using their google account.
  1. Math book (already aired)
  2. Math creation (new creations/observations in mathematics)
  3. Math in life (applications of math, interdisciplinary nature of mathematics)
  4. Math history (at present we will use the past to create a our future...)
  5. Math at school (after all every thing started from there and what we contribute to that beginning really matters)
  6. Math research (generating new ideas, new knowledge, projects...)
  7. Math question (mostly related to doubts)
  8. Math events (to announce events happening across the world)
  9. Math philosophy (thinking on it...)
  10. Math annotations (currently any thing related to math that you want to annotate, if not included in other labels)
  11. Math articles (Like math book, here we may have chance to discuss on interesting notes and articles)
  12. Math awards (about the honouring related mathematical works)
  13. Math scholarships (information on possible supports)
  14. Math exam (competitive exams, entrance exam, or even post related university exams)
  15. Math challenge (Yes, you may challenge others using a math question, but be prepare to reward for the righteous answers)
  16. Math applauds (to applaud the achievements)
  17. Math magicians (about math makers and their contributions)
  18. Math movies (entertainment...)
  19. Math videos (video lectures, online courses etc)
Anybody who wish to become an author for this blog, please send a request to adersh.tkm@gmail.com.

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